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What’s your story?

I believe that each one of us has a story waiting to be told. In fact, we have plenty of them. Each of us has a unique story that no one else can tell. Our personal experiences, encounters, observations, and life events are all part of our stories. We have funny stories, love stories, boring stories, work stories, struggle stories, stories of not knowing and stories of invention, exploration stories, stories of liberation, stories of waiting in line, and even stories of doing “nothing”. But all of them are emotional, and all of them are stories. We are filled with stories. Each one of us is a treasure trove of unique stories waiting to be shared.

How do you share your story?

It may be easy for those who are good at talking or writing, but even we keep our most emotional stories inside.

What makes a story good?

It’s the true emotion that you experienced while living it. As filmmakers and musicians, we understand that genuine emotion is the key. And it’s our craft to capture that essence — the perfect story filled with authentic emotion — and transform it into a movie or a song. That’s what we do – we master the tools to tell stories, both our own and yours. We master the tools to share emotions, your emotions and our own.

So, tell me, what’s your story? — And we will make an animated short film!


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As an independent creative, you invest your heart and soul into your projects. Whether you’re a filmmaker or a musician, you know that to truly connect with your audience or to pitch your work to investors, you need to tell a good story. But sometimes, that can be easier said than done.

That’s where we come in. Our digital media studio is here to help you engage your audience and tell your story with high-quality short-form animated videos, such as opening sequences, music videos and story inserts.

We use cutting-edge technology such as 3D, VFX, CGI, SFX, motion graphics, and music to enhance the visual impact and storytelling. We offer customized pricing based on the complexity of your project. And, depending on your needs, we can create a team of highly skilled and passionate artists.